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Oh Canada! First time since... the Family Edition (TAR 8) actually I think that any version of the race has had a leg in Canada.

The good: Canada, the tasks were actually quite good - I particularly liked the Detour between log rolling and axe throwing, but the Roadblock and opening task were also enjoyable, and the scenery was beautiful.

The bad: this should have been a self-drive leg, which would have shaken up the order much more effectively, and either put a minimum of four fast forward passes on the race or scrap the concept entirely, sheesh. This fast forward was kind of meh actually - and again would have been better with a self-drive component rather than "the first person to find a taxi at the first task after arriving in the country wins the leg".

The ugly: there was almost no order shake-up, despite there being an equalising flight, and what there was - two teams swapped positions - was almost entirely due to cash flow problems with taxis. This is one reason why making this leg self-drive would have been better - if teams had had to navigate themselves through Vancouver there would have been a better chance for people to get lost.

I also don't like the begging - I've never liked the begging actually. Either give them enough cash, or have an emergency fund with an associated penalty or something, but take out the begging please. It's also dodgy that selling stuff gets you a penalty but begging doesn't. And man there were some screwed over taxi drivers in this episode, especially the Sikh guy.

Also way too many obvious shots put together from different points in the day to make a story - I know that's what they do, but at least pick shots that aren't obviously from a different time to where they're supposed to be at. (Clue; if there's a blackboard behind a judge with the current score on it then it's obvious which shot you've taken from when.)

The current standings are:

Paul and Steve: 3.44 Mind you, this is because they've come in first on the last five legs, of which one was a fast forward. Want to know what makes a race boring? Very little change in the race order. I don't actually think they're that good a team - last year's final 6 would probably have wiped the floor with them - but they're certainly dominating this race.

Shane and Andrew: 4.88 Hm.. still kind of a boring team although with flashes of personality. Would be disasterous from a race perspective if they won, but from editing I think that's unlikely.

Jo and Michelle: 3.11 Probably the most consistent team on this race, which means of course I've now doomed them. They're also dominating, more so than Paul and Steve actually, with one 7th, one 4th, three 3rds and four 2nd place finishes. Unlike Paul though they haven't managed to annoy anyone yet.

Joseph and Grace: 5.33 I don't think Grace is going to get the media career she's obviously aiming for.

Lucy and Emilia: 7.11 I love this team but they bleed time like you wouldn't believe - I've no idea how they finished behind Joseph and Grace in this episode, after leaving the Roadblock before them - and have been spectacularly lucky to stay in this far. So far they've finished last in one leg, second last by (in several cases) minutes in 4 legs and have never finished higher than 5th. Without a fair bit of luck they're likely to be out next. Then again, they have proved to be the luckiest team in the race so far. There's very little chance they could win though.

James and Sarah: 5.44 Killer Fatigue claims another team, this time by inducing stupidity. Why on earth they didn't go back to pay their hotel bill immediately once they'd realised they hadn't done it, why they didn't manage to leave on time, why they couldn't work together to solve the flag puzzle I can't explain other than to point to Killer Fatigue-based Stupidity. They actually completed the Detour and Roadblock tasks fairly well, and would probably have managed to overtake Lucy and Emilia had they not screwed up their cash flow. Why they didn't try begging at the tourist area to raise funds I don't know either. I can't say I'm surprised they broke up after the race though - James looked like he'd had it by about episode 2.

The race is now on hiatus for the Olympics, which is annoying. Way to lose the momentum there guys. If only there was a way they could have known that their scheduling would have coincided with the Olympics... idiots.


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