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Day 29 - Current TV show obsession

The Amazing Race.

Yes, I know. It's reality TV. It's American. It can involve very obnoxious behaviour. It's so many things that so many people hate. And I love it.
Cut for way too much detail )
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Day 28 - First TV show obsession

Grange Hill. Not really an obsession, and probably not my first - I watched Bill and Ben and Playschool before that - but it's certainly a show I followed for a very long time (1978-1990 in fact). I kept seeing actors from there on The Bill (Tucker Jenkins was on for years) which was another show that could count as an obsession (1987?-1991/2/whenever it was they went stupidly soapy) but was definitely not my first.

The Famous Five series I watched all of, but that was also tied into all the books which were popular at the time.

In terms of actual obsessions, hm. Difficult. I loved a lot of the children's sci-fi series, but there wasn't really one that I tuned into religiously. I didn't really get into Dr Who until later (the ABC repeated the earlier episodes frequently). Most of the television I watched lead to spin-off stories in my mind, but that's not really obsession, just a jumping off point.
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Day 27 - Best pilot episode

This is tricky because the way things work here is that they usually screen an entire series of something and then I see the pilot episode or I find out that the first episode was the pilot episode. So this is going to turn into "first episodes I really liked".

1. Battlestar Galactica, 33. This was the first episode after the preliminary miniseries, and it was fantastic. (I also quite liked the preliminary miniseries, which I didn't see until after I'd seen half of the first series.) There was a reason this episode won a Hugo - it was awesome.

2. Firefly. I was lucky enough to miss the screened series and go straight to the DVD. And this was a really good opening episode - it introduced characters, timeline, plot points... which is probably why Fox (and whichever Australian network it was) decided to start with a different episode, and cannibalise the opening episode in never-before-seen "previously on" segments in later episodes before finally showing it as a season finale. Yeah, great move there guys.

3. Red Dwarf USA. I realise this is probably a controversial choice, at least if anyone from my flist is still reading this! The first time I saw it I thought "what a travesty". The second time... I warmed to it a bit. The third time I'd gotten over the US thing and was starting to be interested in where they'd go with it. Answer? Nowhere. It remains one of the few pilots I've actually seen of anything. In some respects I think of it now as being similar to the US version of The Office - the initial episode was terrible, because it copied the UK one directly. When they got into their own writing though it became a really good show. I think RD:USA had that same potential. (Then again I didn't mind the US version of Coupling either, so I'm possibly not the best judge here.)

4. Twin Peaks. Great opening episode. I was interested to read in a recent interview about the network pressuring the writers to do the Big Reveal of who killed Laura Palmer - and managing to effectively kill off the series by doing so. Great move there guys.

5. Mulholland Drive. Yes, I know this is a movie. But it was originally made as a pilot, wasn't picked up and then became a movie. And I came out of the cinema going "dammit!! I want to see the TV series!!! Crap!!!" Which is still pretty much how I feel about it. It would have been a series I would have been totally sucked into. Damn. I still want to know where the hitman fitted in. And the gorilla.
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Day 26 - OMG WTF? Season finale

Battlestar Galactica, seasons 1, 2 and 3. Cut for those who haven't watched Battlestar yet )
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Day 25 - A show you plan on watching (old or new)

Hm. Shows that I would like to see in the next couple of months, more so when I finish my assignments.

1. Dollhouse. Dean's been watching it, I've now caught about half of it but have missed important plot points. I do know the ending but I think I need to go back and see the middle.

2. Caprica. Dammit, come back!! I want to know what happens!

3. The Amazing Race, The Amazing Race Australia, The Amazing Race Asia. I'm obsessed OK? Just accept it.

4. Survivor. "Medallion of Poowweerr!!!" It's reminding me of "He-Man" and "She-Ra" cartoons from the '80s.

5. That new show that I can't think of the name of that has the woman who played Roberta Williams in Underbelly in it. It looks interesting but I haven't managed to catch it yet, probably because I can't remember what it's called or when it's on. Or the names of the actors. Not helpful, I know.

6. Community. It keeps being recommended to me, I've seen half of one episode, which looked OK.

7. Matrioshki, parts one and two. I saw about three quarters of part 1 on SBS, and the first couple of episodes of part two. Part of this is to get my brain back into Flemish again as well. And to find out what happened to the guy with the seriously bad haircut.

8. Babylon 5. I have seen all bar two episodes and the telemovies. I also want to see the commentary, although I'd prefer JMS to groups of actors who talk over each other and don't necessarily add anything interesting (I'm looking at you, Doyle). Actually I'd prefer a couple of commentary episodes from set designers and costumers - that would have been interesting.

9. The Number One Ladies Detective Agency. Saw the first episodes in the US; thought the ABC would have screened it by now. Fortunately the DVD is now out. Good effort ABC, sheesh.

10. Wipeout. Because sometimes junk food TV is good to relax with.
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Day 24 - Best quote

I am determined to finish this meme if it kills me. Which is possible.

The quote I use the most out of all the television I've ever watched would have to be "deader than a can of spam". Thank you Red Dwarf, that line has been very useful during the past decade and a bit.

Hm. Why can I never think of quotes when I need them? Monty Python's been quoted to death, ditto pretty much everything I've gotten into.

"My ox is broken!!!!" - Colin, melting down, The Amazing Race season 5, episode 11. Colin and his then-girlfriend (now wife) Christie were a controversial team during season 5. Part of this was because they were very competitive and a very dominant team. Part of it was that Colin could also be a complete arsehole, frequently in situations where that wasn't necessarily a good idea. And then he had this meltdown in the middle of a paddock in Vietnam and made everyone laugh hysterically. And only some of it was schadenfreude. The rest was because it was bloody funny.

"It's a ****ing stick" - Eliza, discovering her potential alliance-mate is dumber than a bag of rocks in Survivor season 16 episode 9. He thought he had an immunity idol. But it was indeed a stick. What made it hilarious was Eliza's reaction.

Press Gang had too many good lines to count. So did Coupling (season 1), although I would have to put "I intend this breast satirically" (S1E1) as one of my favourite television lines of all time.

G'Kar had pretty much all the best quotes from Babylon 5. Two favourites:

"Why does any advanced civilization seek to destroy a less advanced one? Because the land is strategically valuable, because there are resources that can be cultivated and exploited, but most of all - simply because they can. You have experienced much the same on your own world. There are humans for whom the words "never again" carry special meaning. As they do for us."


"Mollari. Understand that I can never forgive your people for what they did to my world. My people can never forgive your people. But I - can forgive - you."

Between those two quotes lies 5 seasons and a universe or two.
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Day 23 - Most annoying character

Once I would have said "Wesley Crusher" straight off the bat. And, to be honest, I probably still would. I'm not sure what about the "overly intelligent 12 year old boy moving into puberty and discovering sex" trope makes me grind my teeth, but Wesley Crusher had it in spades.

Whatever the hell the name of David Caruso's character on CSI:Miami is. OK, that could just be David Caruso annoying the crap out of me, but I like to think it's the character. And the sunglasses "acting".

Mark Harmon's character and the other main male character on NCIS. I really, really could not stand to work with either of them, they irritate me in completely different ways. It always amazes me that none of the female characters have decked them yet.

Trevor Eve's character in Waking the Dead. Apart from the overall implausibility of a lot of the resolutions, this character was a complete tosser. Another one where I spent quite a bit of the series wondering when someone would slap him.

(It occurs to me that quite a few characters annoy me because they would be such pricks to work with.)

There's a female one stuck in the back of my brain somewhere, but I can't remember either the actress's name, the series name or the character name. I'll have to edit when/if I do.
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Day 22 - Favorite series finale

I've already whinged about my least favourite series finale, so I'll skip that bit. Heh.

1. Blake's 7. It fitted the overall series beautifully, which is to say it was a bleak ending in which everyone died. (Yes, I am including Avon in that. I know, but I still don't think he lived.) I have to admit this is one series I'd be interested to see a good re-imagining of. But only if they watch the original series and finale first.

2. Edge of Darkness. Still creeps me out a bit thinking about it.

3. Press Gang. The flash forwards made me laugh lots, particularly the continuation of Sarah's bad luck theme with boyfriends.

4. Buffy. I didn't actually like series 7 that much, but I didn't mind the apocalyptic finale. Even though I liked the version where Xander died better (saw the script somewhere online). To be honest I think the season 2 and season 5 finales were the best of the series. Season 6 was definitely the weakest (IMHO), which for me was probably because they didn't really develop the final theme enough during the series (OK that and the ballistics were way off). Season 4's finale annoyed me for the same reason that Babylon 5 season 4's last couple of episodes did - they had a really good build up, a great cliff-hanger for the last couple of episodes... and then they resolved it in one episode and went off on a tangent for the final episode. Meh.

5. Veronica Mars (series 1). Damn that was a good ending. A whole lot of little pieces scattered throughout the series suddenly came together and made very good sense - and then we got the whole suspense/action movie part. Great fun. Season 2 didn't work for me as well because the overall story resolution just didn't fit together and make sense to me.
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Day 21 - Favorite ship

Heh and we're up to the "my ship is better than your ship" traditional con debate.

In no particular order:

1. The TARDIS. The ship with everything, except occasionally navigational ability and/or the disguise function working. I quite like the idea of unlimited internal space - it's something my house could use. (Except Dean would then fill it. Hm.) But the forward/reverse feature for time travel would be kind of cool as well though. (And then Dean would use it to go and see concerts and buy stuff to fill up the infinite space. Hm. There is probably a good reason why we don't have a TARDIS.)

2. Red Dwarf. Except for the sharing quarters bit, which would seriously be annoying after a while. Particularly with the toilet actually in the bedroom. You'd need to be on pretty good terms with your bunkmate. But at least it had a couple of nightclubs and a stasis chamber or two.

3. The Battleship Yamato/Argo. The space-enhanced version, not the one sunk in WW2. OK, I like the wave motion gun.

4. The Starship Enterprise (TNG one). At least that one had a bar, if not actually any visible bathroom facilities. Which you think they'd need, especially with a bar on board! (I still maintain that there was a much rowdier bar downstairs where the general crew drank... 10 Forward was a bit too upper ranks, and quiet. Especially if there were engineers drinking. I mean, they never even showed any drinking games happening, let alone anyone actually drunk!)

5. Battlestar Galactica. A working battlestar, and beautifully done, particularly the ongoing decay as the ship aged.

6. The Liberator. OK, it looked a lot like a prop. But it took off really well. Whoosh! Kind of like a Commodore or possibly a Falcon in space. Also? Teleporting. Would be very useful to get to work with.

7. Cloud 9. Such a beautiful ship. With gardens. And the ability to let you forget for a moment that you were actually in space, and pretend you were back on dirt, with sky and trees. And bars. I seem to like ships with bars for some reason.

8. The Shadows. Seriously, one of the best ships ever. They looked like spiders or perhaps irukandji in space. Creepy as all hell, and close to invincible. I quite liked the Vorlon ships as well - flowing, and more organic. But the Shadows win for sheer creepiness.

9. the Cylon raiders. Scary, scary, scary. Red eyes. Scary. And the sound-effect they had was brilliant, and immediately identifiable. And they were semi-organic. Beautiful.

10. The Mandalay. The ship from Love Cruise, a very nice sailing ship. I'd certainly be up for cruising the Whitsundays (or somewhere like that) on it. Outside of cyclone season, naturally.
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Day 20 - Favorite kiss

Spike and Lynda from Press Gang. It surprised both of them into silence for a moment. Then they got sarcastic at each other again.

Not so much a kiss, but Buffy and Angel sleeping together in season 2 - it was a way of exploring so many things by proxy, and lead to one of my favourite serious lines in Buffy (along the lines of "I slept with him, and he turned into someone else".) Then, as Angelus, he kisses her just after mentioning that he was planning to leave all her friends dead for her to find. Creepy as hell.

Bill and Sookie in True Blood - after everything that had happened to get them to that point it made perfect sense that they would finally get there.

Jessica and Hoyt in True Blood - they are so, so sweet. Even when you know (this being the show it is) it's likely to all fall in a heap any minute now. But really? First love is so, so sweet.
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Day 19 - Best TV show cast


1. Battlestar Galactica. Very few bung notes in there.

2. True Blood. Even with Stephen Moyer's occasionally dodgy Southern accent ("Suckie is mahn!") it's still a fantastic cast. And from a completely shallow perspective, a very ripped and good looking one as well.

3. That 70s Show. I thought they were a really good ensemble. It's still kind of trippy when they turn up in other things.

4. The Big Bang Theory. Ditto. I can't imagine other people in the roles, which is usually a good sign.

5. Caprica. Except that I think Tamara's getting screwed over, I want more of her story. But with so many good players, what can you do?

6. Buffy and Angel. Again, good ensembles.

7. Veronica Mars. Just about everyone from the main to the minor characters was really good (except Duncan, who was mostly just blah). I particularly liked Vinnie Van Lowe and Dick Casablancas, both of whom could have been much more over the top caricatures than they were.
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Day 18 - Favorite title sequence

At the moment it's True Blood, hands down. Partly the really dodgy song, partly because even though I'm half way through the second series on DVD I still haven't worked out what all the images are yet, partly because it sets place and time.

Other than that I really liked Battlestar Galactica's opening credits, particularly when they started giving the number of remaining humans. There were a couple of episodes where the opening number had both of us gasping - how many people were killed in that incident? Also the whole "some look human. Some believe they are human" cylon part of the credits was very nicely done, and a good catch up if you missed the opening miniseries (as I did).

Babylon 5 season three credits I really liked - a lot less cheesy than the previous two series, and better CGI. Probably most of what I liked was the shot of Londo looking as a battlecruiser burned - I actually don't know which episode that was from, if any, but it was a great shot. That and Vir doing his sarcastic "wave" to Morden. Once I'd realised that that was that scene it amused me every episode.

Amazing Race - I love the opening sequence of series 1, not least because they used shots from the series. This meant that I spent quite a bit of time guessing where they were going to go based entirely on the opening credits. Unfortunately they now use stock footage of major monuments, so I can't do that any more. (At least they haven't used a bloody stock footage koala for a while.)

Edited to add:

Die Kinder. That was a really good opening sequence - the first episode started with a squeaky pram wheel as almost the entire sequence, and by the end of the miniseries the sequence had expanded so that you knew what was in the pram, who was pushing it, where it went and what happened. It was a really good sequence.
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Day 17 - Favorite mini series

1. Edge of Darkness. UK 1985. It was dark, both metaphorically and literally at times. It had one of the most memorable endings going. I really should re-watch it (and see the new movie of the same name) and see how it holds up.

2. Die Kinder. UK/West Germany 1990. I particularly liked how the opening credits very slowly revealed what had happened in the 1970s, as the story revealed why it still mattered.

3. My Brother Tom, Australia 1986. I actually saw part of this being filmed while on holiday in Beechworth - my favourite moment was the director asking all the crowd if we could just move to one side so we wouldn't be reflected in the windows: "you don't look very 1930s, sorry!" At the time I thought the ending was much better than the book's ending - as I've gotten older I can see that the book's ending was probably more realistic, if not as stupidly romantic.

4. All the Rivers Run, Australia 1983. The start of Sigrid Thornton's career, filmed near where I lived at the time. Again, another one I should re-watch to see how it holds up.

5. Sleepers, UK 1991. This one came to mind again with the recent arrests of Russian sleeper agents in New York - the premise was that two long-term Soviet sleeper agents in Britain had just been discovered by the KGB to have been "lost". It was a very funny series.

6. Vietnam, Australia 1987. I watched the first episode of this with my parents, and my Mum in particular was blown away by all the period-appropriate ads and TV footage she remembered. The basic story was following two siblings (Nicolas Eadie and Nicole Kidman, can't remember character names) through the change in Australian society at the time of Vietnam - he was conscripted through the lottery and ended up being sent to Vietnam; she started taking advantage of the changes in social mores particularly in the University scene (Mum: Oh no one did that. Me: how would you know? You were married by that point! And you'd finished Uni!) and the impact on both of them when he returned to a society that was very against the war while she (and her mother) had become very active in the peace movement.

7. Bangkok Hilton, Australia 1989. Nicole Kidman again, this time as a woman who is framed for smuggling heroin into Bangkok and ends up in the fairly notorious prison there. It remains topical, what with Schappelle Corby and the Bali 9 - not to mention the Australians currently in jail for heroin smuggling into/out of Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia etc - although the second half degenerated into a bit of an action sequence. I still remember the music from it though, and the completely terrifying bit with the simultaneous Thai/English translation being shouted at her during the police interview by the AFP cop. Maybe they should re-show or remake it - God knows there's still enough idiots out there apparently. The main difference now is that she probably wouldn't be framed. Unless they do a series about Schappelle, in which case the jury's out.
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Day 16 - Your guilty pleasure show

1. The new series of V. Because it is really not very good, even with nice special effects. There are two reasons I hang in - I enjoy the snark way, way too much and I'm seriously hoping the priest gets killed off. OK, three reasons - I want to see how long it takes before someone notices that FakeBrit has an Australian accent, if ever.

2. Midsommer Murders. OK, I have to be in the right mood to watch this, otherwise it irritates me. But when I am in the right mood it's hysterically funny to watch.

3. Anything with Agatha Christie's in the title. Not least because the letters section in the Green Guide positively teems with people pointing out mistakes or changes from the book the following week.

4. Head Case. I blame Dean entirely for this one.

5. Super Group - So completely bad and yet I'm still watching it. Again, this is entirely Dean's fault. At least I'm pointing and laughing - he's mostly in awe of the musicians. I just giggle a lot at the hair mostly.
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Day 15 - Favorite female character


1. Buffy, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And Willow, and Tara. All of them changed in ways that I found interesting.

2. Tara, from True Blood. Still on season 1 and I'm identifying with her way too much. Oh and I want Rutina Wesley's muscle definition. I could live with being as good looking as her too.

3. Lynda, from Press Gang. Wish I had her facility with language.

4. Boomer, from Battlestar. Boomer is probably my favourite Battlestar character. She makes terrible choices, but at the same time she is screwed over by things beyond her control. She is the Cindy Brady of Cylons, irritating everyone, human or Cylon. She is a person hearing voices in a time of witchburning; a jealous twin; a sad child trying on identities one after the other - if this won't work, how about that one? She knows (but can't admit) what she wants and has no idea how to get it without destroying everything in her path. Her arc was one of the best in the series.

5. Kendra Shaw, from Razor. Part of it was just finding out what had happened with the Pegasus, but part was watching someone normal, sane and maybe soft being transformed through extreme circumstance. You can't say what you'd do until you get there.

6. Zoe Greystone, Lacy Rand and Tamara Adama, from Caprica. Zoe is the lynchpin, the avatar, the extremely intelligent child trapped in metal. Lacy is becoming more interesting to watch as she moves deeper into something that she doesn't fully understand. Tamara is the lost Persephone, slowly growing to understand her own immortality. (Tamara is also getting screwed over by the writers a bit at this stage, she should be more prominent. IMHO only of course.) Amanda Greystone is also fantastic as a character. I should include Clarice.. but she's kind of creeping me out a bit.

7. Veronica Mars. Probably more from series 1 than series 2, which also came down to the better (MHO) story arc.

8. Gretchen Kierney, Children of the Dog Star. I wanted to contact aliens too. Now of course I'd be terrified if they rocked up at all.
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Day 14 - Favorite male character

Hey, nothing in this meme said that it had to be sequential days!

I've been having trouble with this, to be honest. I'm not sure why exactly, just not coming up immediately with a male character that I would describe as being my favourite. Hm.

So it turned into a male characters I found interesting description.

1. Harry from Spooks. He would probably intimidate the hell out of me in real life, but I find him fascinating to watch. Again, it's a shades of grey thing - he moves between them so beautifully.

2. Saul Tigh, Gaius Baltar, Jammer, Felix Gaeta, Galen Tyrol, William Adama, Billy Keikeya from Battlestar Galactica. Tigh, Baltar, Gaeta and Tyrol because I alternately liked and disliked them as they developed. Jammer I felt got an incredibly raw deal, as did Billy and Gaeta. Adama mostly because the acting made him a far more complex person than I think the script originally did. Pretty much all the characters on the series were more complex than you'd think on first sight (possible exception Lee Adama, who remained Apollo, beloved son of the gods almost the entire way through. Even he though had his moments too, just not as many.)

3. Daniel Graystone, from Caprica. Again, complexity is part of it - but I love how he is so completely blind to what he is doing and the effect he is having on his daughter and his wife and yet is a likable and sympathetic person.

4. Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle, from Foyle's War. Probably for the moral certainty he brings. I sometimes doubt whether the level of tolerance exhibited would have been the norm for small(ish) town Britain in the 1940s, but it does fit with the character as created.

5. FakeBrit, from V. This is entirely for the level of entertainment I get from his accent, and nothing at all to do with his character, which remains minimally developed. A wonky accent is not character development.

6. Marcus, from Babylon 5. OK, I admit I've met Jason Carter in real life and can't remember anything about it except that he had nice hair. (For some reason I thought he was black - which again, probably the hair. It was a very alcoholic evening.) Not having watched any B5 until this year I had no idea who he played. Marcus as a character ended up growing on me - he had more character development in one season than some of the major leads have managed in three. And in the end he got screwed over with a "sorry Jase, Claudia brings in more fanboys." Ripped off.

7. Londo and G'Kar, again from Babylon 5. The two characters with the most development, and the two I've found most interesting to watch (screw the humans, let's go back to the alien wars.)

8. Jack Bauer, from 24. Yes, he's a caricature, but he didn't start off that way. I've taken him as being an extremely damaged man from about season 3 onwards, and a lot of the action makes much more sense if you think of him as suffering from PTSD or something similar. Also he's indestructible, which makes me wonder if he had been replaced with cyber parts in a secret government project and not told about it.

9. Dylan (90210) and Angel (Buffy,Angel). That could be the hormones talking.

10. Phil Keoghan from Amazing Race; Jeff Probst from Survivor. Probst is more of a character; Phil is more of a host. Probst gets into the action and apparently has more personal investment in certain outcomes; Phil remains detached and doesn't comment much on his personal opinion of contestants, although he does eyebrow (over)-act. I like them both for different reasons, although I roll my eyes in disbelief way more at Probst.

Edited to add:

11. Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. He would be an absolute nightmare to live or work with in real life, but he's funny as hell to watch. Also, I love that he's Texan. For some reason that makes him more human, because you know he had a hell of a time in school.

12. Giles, from Buffy. In some respects he had a very thankless role, and a large part of his job was to not get emotionally involved, not get in too deep and then move on to the next Slayer after Buffy was killed and begin again with her. And he failed totally at that. The other side of his job though - the watching, the training, the being there, the guiding - he was great at. He even managed to redefine his role in the later years, becoming more of an equal. I still wish they'd gone into his previous, pre-Watcher role a bit more though.

13. Jason and Lafayette from True Blood, which I've just started watching. OK, part of this is certainly hormonal - they have the most ripped bodies - but part of it is the way they complement each other. Jason is basically a dumb redneck hick, whose only talent is sex, and who is as a result very threatened by the open arrival of vampires, who are better at sex than he is. Lafayette is a lot smarter, and is using sex to get out of the small town he's in. He's also able to walk an interesting line - he's gay, he's black, he's camp, and he fits right into where he is. I think he's going to be an interesting character to watch.

14. Logan and Weevil from Veronica Mars. Both of them have an innate talent for doing the one thing that will totally screw them up - for Logan it's giving into anger at the wrong time; for Weevil it's being unable to stay on the right side of the law. Both, to some extent, don't feel that the law applies to them - Logan's one of the super-rich so can buy his way out; Weevil's both poor, a member of an ethnic minority and a gang member and so doesn't regard the majority laws as his. And yet, both can be sympathetic characters, and both have a (somewhat skewed at times) moral compass. Either way they were more interesting to watch than Duncan, that's for sure.
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Day 13 - Favorite childhood show

I have several.
No, really. Several. )
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Day 12 - An episode you've watched more than 5 times

Heh, the correct answer for this would be "any episode of any series Dean got obsessed with." Because when you come home to find him watching the DVDs every night for three weeks you normally get to see all the episodes at least that many times. Also? Pretty much any episode of Top Gear, which between SBS making the most of having it before losing the rights and Channel 9 taking "new" to mean "well, we haven't screened it before!" means that I've seen most of the "special event" episodes probably at least that many times. Well, bits of them anyway.
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Day 11 - A show that disappointed you

Hm. I'm presuming they mean "went into with reasonable expectations and then was disappointed."
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Day 10 - A show you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving


Love Cruise. Dodgy, dodgy reality TV. And yet it had one of the best cast members ever, an extremely articulate lawyer who could explain his strategy to camera in interviews and then execute it. And he did it beautifully. He - and the other three who allied with him - were completely screwed over by the producers at the end when they changed the format and made it impossible for them to win, but he certainly deserved to.

Outback Jack. I said I don't like the meat market aspect of this genre of reality game show. But this one had me in hysterics, mostly because it was Americans in Australia and Oh Dear God some of the cliches were appalling. But funny and quite often enlightening to watch from the outside for a change. And of course "Jack" went to Geelong Grammar, which made it more entertaining for me still.

Press Gang. The synopsis in the TV guide really sounded... stupid. A group of kids run a newspaper. Yeah, right. I wasn't expecting it to be as good as it was.

Battlestar Galactica (most recent series). I wasn't sure how this would go at all, having seen the original. I thought I'd probably watch it, but given that the original was "Giant Killer Robots Chasing Us! Argh!!" I could see this being more of the same, only with better CGI. It was to a point - and then it gradually altered into something more interesting than Giant Killer Robot Escape Of The Week. Yeah it lost some of the fanboys, but I didn't care.

Last Man Standing. I really liked this, even though I only managed to catch a couple of episodes. Again, the synopsis sounded pedestrian, and it also had Greg Fleet in it which is often enough to make me think twice. But it was really good. No idea where the channel screening it moved it to, never saw the end. Pity.

It's difficult to answer this to be honest because everything recent that I've watched has been screened overseas first, sometimes years before it gets to Australia. So I'm often aware of what people think and how much it's likely to engage me. Previously - as with Press Gang - that wasn't the case. Love Cruise I'd never heard of, I just came across a late night screening and it hooked me. But now that I'm really not watching a lot of live-to-air TV that doesn't happen as often. It used to be that there'd be Australian productions I'd watch with similar lack of knowledge, but again - I'm not watching a lot of live TV recently and they tend to be over-hyped ("Australian! Must Watch! Best Thing Ever! Support local industry!! No, really, honest, it's the Best Thing Ever!!!") to the point that I won't watch them anyway, no matter how good or bad they are.
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