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Yesterday was mostly a beautiful, semi-cloudy but mostly sunny day.

I was playing netball at 9pm.

At 7pm I checked BOM. There was a very large blue mass looming in the north-west corner.

At 8pm it started raining.

At 8.20pm I left for netball. Still raining.

At 8.40pm I had made it to netball. The BOM site was open on one of the computers. The large blue mass (with yellow and red bits) was centred over Melbourne. That made sense, because it was raining. Lots.

At 8.45pm the player with the healing hip abductor injury texted to say there was no way she was playing in the rain, because she really didn't want to re-injure herself. I couldn't really blame her.

At 8.47 I asked if the game was going ahead. "Oh yeah, no problems."

At 8.53pm the first of the rest of my team arrived. Which was comforting, because I was starting to think it was just me. It was still raining.

At 8.58pm we had 5 people, so could take the court. Still pelting down.

At 9pm we started the game. In the rain.

9.05pm our missing 6th player arrived, and hovered by the side of the court waiting for someone to score a goal so she could come on. Oh and wrapping her head in a scarf to try and protect her hair extensions from the rain.

9.10pm the quarter ended with a score of 0-0. At least our player could take the court! Still raining.

9.20pm we got to half time. The score was 4-0, not our way. I have played soccer games with higher scores than this.

9.21pm they decided to abandon the game because "it was too wet".

I'm not sure what pissed me off more - that I could look at the computer at 7.30pm and know we were going to be washed out but apparently the organisers couldn't, that they decided to go ahead with the game and let us get all wet (not as badly as Thursday, granted) even though blind Freddie could see that it was... wet or that my sneakers had only dried out the day before from Thursday's effort.

To be honest I don't necessarily mind playing in the rain, when it's fairly light. But this was reasonably heavy, and realistically it was stupid to go ahead. Meh. The scorelines were amusing at least - the first half was characterised by the ball sliding rapidly out of everyone's hands and out of the court. Because surprisingly enough it's actually quite difficult to catch a completely saturated, and very slippery ball when you're sloshing around the court (more so if you wear glasses and can't see a damn thing because they're covered in water.)

It's also bloody annoying to come home at 9.45pm soaking wet, just incidentally. At least at 6pm I had time to have a shower, wash my hair, get dry etc. Last night I was just running around trying to get everything ready for the morning and get warm again.

Still the (in)consistent umpiring continues as normal. Seriously, the day I work out what the hell they're basing 'replayed ball' calls on will be the day Hell freezes over. Or the competition learns to read BOM properly. In the interim we'll just have to keep on guessing.
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Last night we played netball. In the rain. The teeming rain (wasn't quite pouring.)
Rain is really wet. )


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