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Well that was a washout! At least Argentina's somewhat stunning loss to Germany has made the Australian team feel better - we may not have gotten through to the next round, but we lost with the same scoreline as Argentina did and we were a man down!

Moral victory there, totally. Heh.

So now I'm hoping my Germany prediction is enough to win me kudos if not actual money in the work sweep. Given that the other half of my prediction (Brazil) is out, I've no idea who they'd be up against! At this rate though the final scoreline will be 4-0/1/2. Heh.
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And then there was one.

Unsurprisingly Chile went out to Brazil, leaving me with Argentina as my sole remaining team.

More surprisingly Brazil went out to the Dutch last night, which means either Brazil were having an off night or the Dutch have finally managed to get it together after several years of being very good and failing to win anything.

Argentina had no problem against Mexico, but now encounter Germany who are having a very good run. I may even stay up for part of it... the first part.

In other, semi-related news I realised I haven't actually paid for two of the sweeps yet, which means I need to head over to IT on Tuesday. While I'm there I plan to harrass them about my printer. Two birds, etc.
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So, catching up with how my five teams (Slovenia, Denmark, Argentina, Chile and France) are doing.

Short answer: 50:50 at this stage.

To start with Group A: France. France, France, France. You really shouldn't have cheated the leprechauns, look where it got you. I swear half of Ireland's been placing curses on you ever since that match. Still, you have four years to re-group and try again I suppose. Not only gone, but bottom of the group. Ouch. Maybe you should go on a pilgrimage and apologise before 2014 though.

Group B: Argentina. Flying along, top of their group. Currently undefeated and have only conceded one goal. I'm trying not to have too high a hope for you, mostly because that usually jinxes whichever team I support.

Group C: Slovenia. I know you came in at 500:1, but I really, really wanted you to get through to the next round! And not just because you're one of the teams I had in a sweep that actually involved money! Damn that goal difference. Also? Who's been training the USA team recently, they're... not bad actually.

Group E: Denmark. Another one bites the dust, although with 6 goals scored against them it was always going to be a bit of a hard ask to get through. Another win, or even a draw, would have helped there too. Farewell Scandinavia, we barely knew you.

Group H: Chile. Came in second to Spain, but are still through and still have a reasonable chance.

Best of all for the Antipodeans though - hey, we didn't get through but neither did Italy. Reigning champions, bottom of their group, first not to go through in, ooh, ages. See, that cursing strategy works. Especially when you've got two nations employing it.

In the next round:

Damn, Germany v England's on Monday midnight!! Not a chance in hell, sorry guys. I'll get the result in the morning.

Argentina play Mexico at 4.30am Monday, which means I might see the last bit before I go to training.

Chile have the seriously unfortunate luck of coming up against Brazil first off at 4.30am Tuesday. Same as above - hang in there guys! You can do it!!


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